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11 Aug

August Linking Ring Advertisers Deserve Your Support

Category: Article   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

ADVERTISING is the lifeblood of most publications and broadcast media. So to focus attention on advertising regularly is quite appropriate. Let's take a look at the advertisements in the August 2014 issue of The Linking Ring.


Three of the most visible—and thus most expensive—positions in The Linking Ring are the cover positions: back cover and inside front and back covers. The new Masters of Illusion television series on The CW Channel, holds down the back cover with a terrific ad. Inside the front cover is another stunner, because of the large photo of Harry Houdini. It is an ad for the Houdiniana Auction conducted by Potter & Potter Auctions. The inside back cover is also an attention-getter, from Hermetic Press, and is about their new book, “The New Magic Way,” by Juan Tamariz.


Other FULL-PAGE ADS in this issue, from front to back, are:


I.B.M. Convention in Jacksonville,  Florida, July 15-18, 2015. 

Show-Biz Services (Wayne Rogers appearing items)

TAOM’s annual convention, in Fort Worth, August 29-September 1.

HMK Liability Insurance (Cue Command)

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Seminar

I.B.M. Insurance Programs (balloons, plus more)

The Magic Bakery (Steve Dobson’s “WORKS”)

Genii, The Conjuror’s Magazine


HALF-PAGE ADS include these: (Okito-Nelson Break-Away Box)

Kardwell International, Inc. (Customized playing cards)

The Linking Ring (Advertising promotion) (seven products) (including their convention)


OTHER-SIZE ADS: (Mogar knives) (Magicians’ Flea Market) (Sept. 11-13) (kid show magic)


That’s twenty-one magic dealers who support magic and the I.B.M. Please support them by: (1) logging on to their websites and looking around, (2) buying from them, and (3) by THANKING THEM for their support. Just logging on to their Websites shows response, traffic, and interest -- all important to advertisers.


Thank you.

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