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20 May

Argentina's Selene, Daba, Cielo and Sebak to Perform at the 2015 I.B.M. Convention

Category: Convention   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON


Selene, Daba, Cielo, and Sebak, from Argentina, as well as Gustavo Raley will be performing at the International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention in Jacksonville, Florida this summer to honor Fantasio.
Selene (Mc of the Show): Selene has traveled the world performing magic since she was just 2 years and 5 months. She appeared in the 1996 "Guinness Book of World Records" as the youngest female magician. Selene received many international awards and was featured on many TV shows in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Perú, Bolivia, Colombia, México, Venezuela, United States, Portugal and Spain. Now she also works as the stage manager for magic conventions around the world.
Daba and Cielo (Mentalism) - Daba started his magic life by attending the magic school of Fu Man Chu. Cielo became an artist when she was just 8 years old. Later she went on to join at the age of 14 two different musical groups - “Las Primas” and “Los Angeles de Smith”.  When Daba met Cielo, the couple rose to be one of the most renowned magic couples in Latin America, and the world. Daba and Cielo are also the heads of magic school "La Cueva Mágica" (The Magical Cave) from where many students who have won many awards have developed their acts. They are also known as the "Teachers of Champions".

Sebak (Manipulation) - Sebak has been doing magic since he was 2 years and 3 months. Since then he has traveled the world competing and performing. Sebak's favorite type of magic is manipulation. He is known for his "skate magic" which has brought him to win international awards in IBM and FLASOMA, and this summer he will be the youngest to compete in FISM at the age of 15.


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