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02 Apr

April Linking Ring Cover Salutes American Museum of Magic

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 The cover story of the April issue of The Linking Ring, is a salute to the 40th Anniversary of the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan. Rick Heath’s fifteen-page article includes twenty-eight illustrations. This is a terrific article and it makes you want to make a special effort to visit the museum. 

Editor Sammy Smith kicks off the issue, as usual, this time talking about the importance of “connections” in life, and the relevance of the I.B.M. in helping make those connections, both in local Rings and in attending the International I.B.M. Annual Convention. Across the page, I.B.M. president Bob Patterson continues Sammy’s thoughts by emphasizing all the friends you make in the I.B.M.; tells where he has represented the I.B.M. recently; urges all members to enter one of the convention competitions, as well as to go to the convention; reminds teens to sign up for the Lance Burton Teen Seminar; and asks all members to tell other people about the I.B.M.


OTHER FEATURES of the April issue of The Linking Ring include: “Franco the Great,” by Justin Style, about an artist/magician in Harlem, who paints blindfolded; “All is Grand,” in which Randy Vander Wal gives a preview of what Grand Rapids, Michigan and the Grand Plaza Hotel offer those attending the I.B.M. Convention in July; and “Magic, Clowning, & Cartoons,” by Rachel Struad, is the tale of Dal and Cinde Sanders of Dallas, and their successful dual careers. 


The HOCUS POCUS PARADE this month is from Paul Gordon, who brings us fourteen of his original card effects. This is his second One-man Parade for The Linking Ring. In HOCUS IN FOCUS this month, reviewers bring us their opinions of nine DVDs, books, and tricks new on the market. The BROKEN WAND pays tribute to fourteen people who helped spread joy and laughter over the years  


RING EVENTS came in this month from Ring 13 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); Ring 41 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin); Ring 60 (Austin, Texas); Ring 115 (Singapore); Hawaii Magic Festival; Ring 202 (Valleta, Malta); and Ring 284 (Walton Beach, Florida). How do all these Rings get their events listed in Ring Events? They (1) get someone to take photos, (2) ask someone to take notes and write a review, and then (3) send them in. These reports don’t just happen. SOMEONE has to take responsibility to GET them DONE.  


The Linking Ring has some of the best COLUMNISTS in magic. In the April issue you will find these COLUMNS and columnists: Bev Bergeron’s CUTTING UP JACKPOTS asks us, “Which came first, the egg or the rubber chicken? This column is “More of the Beginning of Standard Magic.” Skip Way’s POLISHING THE RINGS brings us “Video Lessons,” about videos their Ring makes of magic lessons for Magic Youth Raleigh;  Carlos Adriano’s CONNECTING WITH KIDS tells “In Praise of the Ridiculous,” about getting down to the children’s level; Kent Cummins writes “Picture this: Video for Magicians,” in his MARKETING MAGIC column; “Comedy Script Writing” is the name of Dr. Lynn Miner’s column, MAGIC WORDS MATTER; Craig Bettien turns over his column, PETITE MAGIA. to Eric Lewis, who gives us “Modern Curious Cubes;”  Scott Humston’s 2-MINUTE TIPS this month is about “Entering the Stage;” this month Mike Powers gives his column, THE CARD CORNER, to Terry Hedges, who gives us “Subliminal Persuasion;” in SIMPLE DIVERSIONS, Andrew Woo delivers “Vanish of Liberty,” a miniature version of the famous David Copperfield vanish of the real thing, in his column, SIMPLE DIVERSIONS; Michael Breggar turns over his AUTO-MAGIC column to Michel Potts, who gives us “Inexplicable;” and Dr. Lynn Miner explains “Assessing Ring Member Satisfaction” in his RING RESOURCES.


Finally, the April issue of The Linking Ring includes all those familiar gems (“Pictures from the Past,” “Youth Trivia Contest,” and “Sick and Convalescent”) as well as some bonus items (an article about “Writers and their Mothers,” -- a new book by veteran magician Dale Salwak; a magic cartoon by Mike Wilke; and seventy-nine Rings sent RING REPORTS. 


ADVERTISERS are an important part of the success of The Linking Ring. Please look at every ad and open the Websites of those with products or services of interest to you. And when you do contact them, please tell them you saw their ad in The Linking Ring. Here are the advertisers of April, in the order they appear in the magazine:


IBM Annual Convention, July 4-7, 2018, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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The Journal of Contemporary Mentalism: Syzygy Returns! Year-round Health Insurance

Rick Heath: Congratulations to American Museum of Magic September 27-29. online magician’s directory Mogar Knives International Magic Auction Now that’s FUNNY! Feel the Power (Steve Dobson’s “Works.”)

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“The magic of Johnny Thompson.”, George Sands Masterworks Collection.










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