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10 Aug

America's Got Talent has FOUR magic acts left

Category: News   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 There are FOUR magic acts still alive on this summer’s America’s Got Talent. And one of them has already moved through to the Semi-Finals. In previous years, magicians have moved along rather nicely through the various stages of the competition. But no magician has ever won. Nathan Burton finished high several years ago, and is now headlining his own show in Las Vegas.


MAT FRANCO is the Rhode Island magician who has already moved into the Semi-finals. His original, clever effects have wowed the judges and the audience, including the voters, of course.


MIKE SUPER is from Pittsburgh and is billed as a Magician, Entertainer, and Supernaturalist. He has an imaginary spirit energy companion called “Desmond,” and that seems to fascinate both the judges and the audience. Again, he has done some original, clever magic.


SMOOTHINI is the performing name of Tomas De la Cruz. He was born in the Domican Republic and raised in New York City. He also is a Marine Corps veteran. He mostly a bar/restaurant-type magician, but he seems to appeal to the judges and audience. He is probably the weakest of rht four magic acts in the quarter-finals.


DAVID AND LEEMAN is the fourth magic act in the Quarter Finals. David Blatter is a high school philosophy teacher. Leeman Parker is a full-time barista. Both live in Los Angeles and teamed up five years ago. They perform interactive original magic.


The most important thing is to WATCH NBC Tuesday night at 9 pm EDT (8 Central), and then VOTE at the end of the show. The easiest way is to go to, click on America’s Got Talent, and then look for the way to vote. You can vote up to TEN times in any combination, including casting ALL your votes for one act. You have until noon on Wednesday, but don’t wait until the last minute. 


If you are reading this, you are a magician, and.or magic supporter. So join with your fellow magic lovers and vote these magic acts through.

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