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15 Aug

AMA Awards Virtual Show Open to All

Category: Events   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON


On Sunday, August 23, at 7:00 PM (California time), the Academy of Magical Arts will present its 52nd annual Awards Show.  

In normal times, this is an upscale theater event, with high-priced tickets. But these aren't normal times.

This year, for the first time, it will be a virtual show. Everyone is invited. You don’t have to be an AMA member to attend, and it’s absolutely FREE. Spread the word to everyone you know who might be entertained by a bunch of magicians congratulating each other. On August 23, simply go to 

There will be a digital program in conjunction with the show, to be released for free in early September, about a week and a half after the show.

So that specific winners can be congratulated, if desired, ads can be placed in the program. Because costs are low in going digital, prices have been slashed. Full page is $400; half is $200; quarter is $100; eighth is $50. There is also a "sponsor" deal. If you pay $1000 or more, you get a full-page ad, plus a full screen credit at the end of the show.


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