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04 Jun

Alexanderia Featured in June Linking Ring

Category: Article   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 “Alexanderia the Great” isn’t her real name, but that’s what you remember. So how did Donna Purnell get that name and be selected for the cover of the June issue of The Linking Ring? And another question: why is she all wet on the cover? You’ll just have to read the eight-page article, including a dozen photos.


The I.B.M. Annual Convention July 2-5 in San Antonio, Texas, will feature a new innovation -- the Triple Treat. This is the name given to three separate one-man shows which will be repeated three times over three days so that everyone will have a chance to see all three. This is just one more reason to register for and attend the best magic convention around. Read all about the Triple Treat participants, and other features of the best magic convention in the world, held this year right on the famous Riverwalk of one of the world’s great tourist destination cities.


“The Ten-Second Helper” is a short article about a new approach to using helpers in a kid-show. You might give it a try. And Max Sutch tells us “The Day Fred Astaire Hooked Me on Magic.” Simone Marron brings us a first-hand report on “A Star-Studded Night at the Academy of Magical Arts Awards,” and it includes a ton of photos of all the honorees. You’ll think you were there. 


The Linking Ring columnists came through again in June. Kent Cummins tells us how to “Sell Your Act With Letters” in his MARKETING MAGIC column. Adele Friel Rhindress devotes her MAGICAL MOMENTS column to her friendship with Associate Editor Jason Goldberg, which began at a magic convention -- a major reason to attend such events. Bev Bergeron asks (and answers) the question “What Makes Good Comedy?” in his column CUTTING UP JACKPOTS. Skip Way continues to tell us  about POLISHING THE RINGS, asking “Print or Digital?”


Mike Powers turns over his THE CARD CORNER to old friend and pro Paul Lelekis, who brings us “Beats All Poker Scam.”  Andrew Woo explains his “Splitting the Dinner Bill in SIMPLE DIVERSIONS. In THE EXPERT AT THE TECH TABLE, Jeff Prace invited Mathieu Bich to explain his “iDuplicate,” and Chris Beason gives us “Optical Zoom” in his SITUATIONALLY YOURS column. In his AUTO-MAGIC column, Michael M Breggar presents “Not Just Another Book Test.”  


RING EVENTS this month came from Ring 45 (Miami), Ring 50 (Fort Lauderdale), Ring 210 (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Ring 257 (Las Vegas), and Ring 391 (Bulgaria). It’s always fun and beneficial to read these special reports. Of course a major and popular section in the issue is all the RING REPORTS at the back of each issue. Rings are the backbone of the I.B.M. so considerable space is given for them every month.


Ralph Felder wrote this issue’s ONE MAN PARADE. He describes for us six effects, complete with terrific illustrations by Tony Dunn.


This month’s HOCUS IN FOCUS is where readers find reviews of new magic effects on the market. There are nine such new products in June, including books, DVDs and tricks. Thanks to all our reviewers for their time and expertise.


The June BROKEN WAND brings tributes to twelve magicians. In addition, there is a separate In Memoriam to long-time columnist for this magazine, Peter Marucci, written by Joan Caesar. 


And don’t forget to look at each of the ADVERTISEMENTS in the 156 pages. They help to keep the costs of production down. Please visit their Websites and tell them you saw their ad in our magazine.


Thank you to Editor Sammy Smith and all his staff for their efforts to bring us another sterline issue of magic..




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