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28 Jun

A Note From Walter

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The following is a note we received from Walter "Zaney" Blaney, who was the special Guest of Honor at this year's I.B.M. Convention June 28-July 2:

"The International Brotherhood of Magicians convention In Dallas in early July was a great one. The last night they presented "The Legends of Magic Show" with some legendary acts in our craft. It was on stage at the beautiful old Majestic Theater. This is where it all began for me, as I saw Blackstone Sr. and his show of 1001 Wonders three times a day for a full week, at the tender age of nine. I was totally enthralled at every show, and it led me into a sixty-two-year career in magic and showbusiness."

"So it was especially meaningful to me to get to introduce on stage my magician daughter Becky Blaney, and to "pass the mantel" of my Zaney Blaney Ladder Levitation to her as she presented it for the big audience that night. Becky levitated my ten year old granddaughter Mallory Keeler, the daughter of my youngest daughter Shannon Keeler. So it was truly a "family affair," with three generations of Blaneys on stage together."

"I thought (you) who were not there to see it live might enjoy a glimpse of this bit of magic history. I hope you will find it interesting watching this six minute video clip of the act on this special occasion."

"All my best wishes from Texas, and from my hometown Dallas, on my very favorite stage in all the world, where my magic days began long, long ago. My thanks to the great Harry Blackstone, who inspired so many young magicians of his day."




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