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Please call the I.B.M. Headquarters Office in St. Charles, Missouri, USA (636.724.2400) for additional information regarding possible I.B.M. Rings.

Attention, officers: Please contact the I.B.M. Headquarters Office to update your Ring information. Thank you!

Local Rings for Idaho

Ring 306

Blackfoot, Idaho

Contact:  I.B.M. Headquarter
Phone:  636-724-2400
Email:  office@magician.org

Ring 364 - Treasure Valley Magic Club, Chazz Treasure Valley Ring

Boise, Idaho

Contact:  Kipp Sherry, 6205 N. Hastings Ave., Boise, ID 83714
When:  Meets Second Thursday each month - 7:00pm
Location:  Idaho Pizza Co., 6840 Glenwood St., Boise, ID 83714
Phone:  208-854-1957
Email:  kipp.sherry@kippsherrymagic.info

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