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Please call the I.B.M. Headquarters Office in St. Charles, Missouri, USA (636.724.2400) for additional information regarding possible I.B.M. Rings.

Attention, officers: Please contact the I.B.M. Headquarters Office to update your Ring information. Thank you!

Local Rings for

Ring 377 - Club Magico Pugliese

Apulia, Italy


Ring 223

Milano , Italy

Contact:  Shaun Yee, Via Soderini 27, Milano 20146
When:  Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9:00pm
Phone:  02-489-55475
Email:  consiglieri@ibmring223.org

Ring 108

Naples , Italy

Contact:  Mario Guarracino, Sirius - Ring 108, Via Bernini, 104, 80129 Napoli
When:  Every week on Monday at 9 pm
Location:  "Sirius", Via Bernini 104, Napoli
Phone:  +39081 5522816
Email:  info@ring108.org

Ring 314 Frank Cadillac Club

Padova , Italy

Contact:  Franco Borgo, Via Andreon 45, 35010 Peraga di Vigonza (Padova)
Phone:  0039 049 89 30 760
Email:  info@frankcadillacclub.it

Ring 204 of Rome - ll Circolo degli Illusionisti

Rome , Italy

Contact:  Norbert Fazio (Secretary), Post address: Il Circolo degli Illusionisti c/o Dott. Andrea Turchi – Via Giuseppe Troiani 9 – 00149 Rome ITALY
When:  Every Tuesday of each month at 08.30 pm
Location:  Taverna Capranica - Via in Aquiro 104 - 00186 Rome, Italy
Email:  info@circoloillusionisti.it

Ring 301

Taranto , Italy

Contact:  Carmelo Condorelli, Via Cirpta Del Redentore, .2, Taranto, Italy 74100
Email:  condor.car@lycosmail.com

Ring 353 - Trieste Magica

Trieste, Italy

When:  Every Tuesday at 8:30 pm
Location:  Parrocchia di S. Maria Maddalena

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